I have been a fan of martial arts cinema for over a decade. From early Hong Kong cinema classics like Come Drink With Me, Eight Diagram Pole Fighter, and The Odd Couple, to modern entries in the genre like The RaidTom Yung Goong, and Into The Badlands. I was an early subscriber to "Nicheflix", a Netflix-like service that specialized in international cinema, especially Hong Kong, main land Chinese, Korean, and Japanese film. My love of the genre even inspired my study of Chen style Tai Chi, a more martial style of the discipline.

After viewing the trailer for Wu Xia 2 The Code, it would be exciting to discover a way to complement the action and dramatic qualities of the film with music that speaks to the human elements of the story. The idea of the Five Elements is classic, and Wu Xia 2 seems to take this theme in a modern direction with the drive to keep the code alive.

Project Cadmus is a fan film produced by Sympatic Media. The client referenced current DC comic universe films like Batman vs. Superman and Justice League, specifically film composer Danny Elfman. My score for this scene features a full orchestra and some electronic elements for support, as well as some eastern European instruments subtly blended into the score under dialogue.

REDUX is a retro scifi short film I scored in 2015. The director referenced Ben Salisbury and Geoff Barrow, who's work includes Annihilation and Ex Machina. We created warm, human sounds that were filled with emotion while still remaining focused and clear. I used real analog synthesizers to create ambient textures, tense pulses, and classic leads..

"The Countdown" combines orchestral instruments with hybrid synthesizer textures to create an urgent feeling of rising tension.

A story of love, brotherly betrayal, and murder, Blood Cross is a noir tone film that culminates with this climactic piece.

Woodhaven's Rachel is trying to rebuild her life after losing her career, family, and love. She's a fighter with some secrets in her past, and can only be pushed so far before pushing back.

Thank you very much for your time, I would love an opportunity to create music for Wu Xia 2 The Code. I would be happy to score a short scene for your consideration as well. Please do not hesitate to get in touch anytime, I can be reached at the info below. Thank you again.


Landon Knoblock

305 494 6972